Train to Teach Mindfulness  

Many mindfulness teachers find themselves falling short as they begin to attempt to communicate the wonderful teachings of mindfulness. Becoming confident in teaching takes time, but can be rapidly accelerated with the help of an experienced mentor. Learning to be comfortable ‘within' yourself whilst allowing silence to do the teaching, will not only enrich your own mindfulness practice, but will make your teaching more elegant, effective and beautiful. 
During our mindfulness supervision and training you will learn how to rest in calm whilst communicating effectively. 

Do you want to teach mindfulness with confidence and ease?  

Mindfulness Training 

Allowing silence to be the teacher. 
Do you want to teach mindfulness with more confidence and ease? Would you like to leave your students wanting more, not less? Do you fill up your guided meditations with too many words? If you would like to keep your teaching simple and clear then we can help. On our mindfulness training retreats and supervision Suryacitta will show you how to respond to difficult questions and difficult students. He will show you how to bring your teaching alive by learning to use stories, metaphors and images leaving your students desiring more of what you share with them. 
Train to teach Mindfulness
Hi Surya 
I was going to email you to say huge thankyou.. I"m good..much to process but something important has shifted.. it was probably the most powerful supervision session I have experienced. So much for lists!! Thankyou 
Train to teach Mindfulness
My speciality is training the mindfulness teachers. The aim or our work is to help all teachers to not only deepen their understanding of mindfulness but to enrich the way they teach. 
Suryacitta's Kuti | Mindfulness training

Mindfulness Supervision and Training 

By staying centred in your own being, you will exemplify the true nature of mindfulness - whilst effortlessly showing your students how to work with the internal obstacles they inevitably experience after weeks or months of practice. 
Through your self-assured confidence and skilful guidance, your students will maintain their practice rather than giving up when the first signs of resistance appear. 
Whatever it is that you feel limits you in terms of your teaching of mindfulness, we can help. Our training involves personalised training with group discussions about real life situations and concerns. 
If you are interested in a supervision session then please get in touch.. If you would like more information about the mindfulness teacher training programme then click HERE

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The Mindfulness Meditation app offers access to a variety of mindfulness and compassion meditations based on Suryacitta's own experience of nearly 30 years of practice and teaching. 
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