Mindfulness In Sport 

Present moment awareness is the currency of performance 

The Mind Gym – How to get out of your head and into your game 
Suryacitta runs mindfulness in sport events for individuals, small groups and teams. 
The psychological aspect is often the forgotten side of sports performance. Suryacitta works with the psychological aspect of each athlete enabling them to perform at the peak for longer periods. 
One of the main areas which stop any athlete from reaching peak performance is that they begin to doubt themselves which then takes them out of the present moment. Alongside this, it is very easy to recall past mistakes which feed into the doubt. 
“In performance sports pressure is high and expectations sometimes can be unrealistic. The self-critique in athletes can become too loud and overwhelming. Mindfulness skills help athletes to refocus their attention on the present, accept good and bad in the same way and carry on with the competition without being dragged into detrimental thinking of undisciplined mind.” 
Misha Botting 
Misha Botting is a Russian-born sport psychologist and former ballet dancer and a practitioner of mindfulness working with Olympians 
Mindfulness in sport - the benefits 
Improves ability to control thoughts and emotions and give competitive edge and improve performance 
Increases connection between the brain and body, enhancing physical efficiency 
Helps athletes keep focused and avoid distractions 
Helps with managing physical discomfort 
Reduces mind wandering, improving the ability to stay in the “zone” 
Improves an athlete’s resilience 
Reduces performance stress 
Increases recovery time 
Greater endurance 
Helps you cope and adapt when things are not going to plan so that you can get back on track faster 
Develops control – Maintains emotional balance in the heat of the moment 
Boosts your confidence – Diminishes self-doubt 
Psychological flexibility – Mindfulness helps you adapt and change to whatever situation you are faced with 
If you are interested in chatting to Suryacitta about Mindfulness in sport then give him a call on 07908 957100 or email him from our contact page. 
If you are interested in chatting to Suryacitta about Mindfulness in sport then give him a call on 0790 8957100 or email him from our contact page. 
“I would highly recommend Surya to anybody looking to connect team or individual success with Mindfulness training. As a professional ice hockey team, we endured many months of adversity in which we were losing many close games. 
Through this, our team started playing with a lot of stress in close games and found ways to lose games. When Surya became involved, he did some exercises with us to concentrate on staying in the moment and calming our thoughts. He ran sessions as a group, he provided videos for the players and kept in regular contact with myself as head coach. I felt all of this was a contributing factor in our success from that point forward. We went 11 wins and 4 losses in our last 15 games to qualify for playoffs and almost upset the 1st place team at the same time. The biggest thing for me was that he created awareness and discussion within our group. We got stressed in close games due to so many losses in the first half of the season, and we were not able to stay focused on the task at hand. Through these exercises and discussions, as a group, we managed those situations much better and started to win those close games. We look forward to having Surya involved with us again and being a part of our team!” 
Ice Hockey Team 
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