I offer both face to face and online mindfulness one to ones and groups to all mindfulness teachers in the UK, Europe and Australia. 

Supervision. One to ones and groups 

"Suryacitta's supervision is excellent. He has a talent for seeing straight to the centre of things. He has really helped me simplify my teaching and bring more metaphor and imagery into use, which makes for a more powerful learning experience." 
Dr Tamar Morton Jones 
"The reminder to not overthink or over-complicate things has been invaluable throughout this journey. Suryacitta keeps me on the path of teaching from the heart, from experience and from life itself." 
Dr Zahida Adam 
"The supervision sessions were a success because Suryacitta is kind, honest, generous and challenging in a useful way. He helped me to reflect on my own teaching, on my strengths and areas for development. Suryacitta also asks questions that helped me to reflect on my own practice and to understand, overcome or accept many of my own challenges." 
"I have never had supervision like this before. Suryacitta showed me how to be courageous when teaching, he showed me there and then that i did not need to have all the answers, and that is a great relief." 
"I carried out my teacher-training course with Suryacitta and have since joined the 12 month teacher training pathway. This has involved having supervision sessions with Suryacitta that I have found extremely helpful. He is a good listener and he also has the astute ability to ask the right questions. Through his advice and support I have become a more confident teacher." 
Caroline Quinton Smith 
"I feel much more empowered and in control with my teaching. I no longer feel the need to over plan before sessions and have the confidence to just see what the group brings and needs each week." 

Teacher Training 

“The mindfulness Teacher Training course was really fantastic, and comes highly recommended. Suryacitta brings a light hearted humour to the course, while incorporating a great depth of knowledge and experience. He is skilled at teaching with a few words and getting straight to the point. The courses are laid out to embody the space of mindfulness with long lunch breaks, tea breaks and home made cake. The location where it is based in Newtown Linford in Leicestershire is really beautiful. This is a course where you learn how to teach mindfulness, about how it applies to your own life, and more about yourself. Thank you!” 
Gwen – Teacher 
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