Mindfulness Supervision and One to Ones with Suryacitta 

Mindfulness training in Leicestershire at Suryacitta's venue

Mindfulness supervision and mentoring 

Would you like to teach mindfulness with confidence and ease?   Do you want to change your students lives by how you teach, not just what you teach?   Do you sometimes feel a fraud when teaching - nervous that you won’t have all the answers to students questions?  Do you over compensate by giving too much information?   Do you want to learn to teach from your intuition and not just your mind?    

Mindfulness course for small groups

Mindfulness Mentoring with a difference 

Learn how to respond to questions, without having to have all the answers. 
Learn how to use the three pillars of excellent mindfulness teaching. 
Learn how to pause and use silence so that your students reflect and understand in a new way. 
Learn how to deepen your understanding of mindfulness and to bring out the beauty and richness of it. 
Learn how to how challenge your students and help change their lives. 
Learn how not to avoid falling into common mistakes even experienced teachers make 
Most teachers say far too much when guiding meditations. In mindfulness supervision I will illustrate why you should say far less whilst at the same time making your guidance far more effective. 

Mindfulness Supervision 

Throw away your whiteboards and your PowerPoints presentation and learn how to allow silence to be the teacher.  
Sessions last 50 - 60 minutes and can be done over Skype, Zoom or telephone. Suryacitta charges £85 per session or £600 for eight sessions 
Suryacitta brings nearly three decades of experience of daily practice to supervisory sessions so he can help take your understanding to ever deeper and more subtle levels. 
As well as your own questions and concerns we will explore areas such as: 
Enquiry process - On being a mirror for your students 
Keeping the teaching and practice simple and practical 
Explore your own personal practice 
How to gently challenge your students 
How to really teach acceptance, letting go and other much used terms 

You are welcome to contact me or make an appointment above. 

"Pauses and silence can be as effective as words and concepts within teaching.”  
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